About Us


marketing hack

At Marketing Hack, we take a different approach to digital marketing compared to just about every other agency in Auckland. Specifically, we focus on different metrics and measure results in a different way.

Our approach is to concentrate on business metrics that make sense to you, rather than technical jargon and statistics that are difficult to translate to tangible business benefits.

So, you won’t hear us promoting how many visitors we get to your website. Instead, we’ll talk about conversion rate, conversion rate improvements, CPC (cost per click), landing page optimisation metrics, ROI, etc.

In other words, metrics, statistics, and information that you can use to properly analyse the effectiveness of your digital marketing spend.

Spend $1, Make X Times That Amount

For us, digital marketing really is a simple equation – if you spend $1, you should make multiple times this amount in return. The exact amount depends on your industry, but multiples of anything from four times the amount you spend to 10 times are common.

This isn’t an empty promise either, as we have a proven track record of success. Plus, we can show you case studies and testimonials to illustrate exactly what we can achieve.