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If you want website design that will deliver on your business objectives, you should contact us at Marketing Hack. We have experience developing websites that generate results, whether that is new sales for your business or additional leads.

All our websites are modern and fast loading, plus they look great on any device, including mobile phones. In addition, we will spend a lot of time on things like getting the branding and tone of the website correct, as well as ensuring the user experience is as good as possible.

Your website will also be fully SEO optimised, and it will be easy to use. This includes making it easy for you to add new content whether that is new blog posts, products, and more.

To find out more about how we can help with developing and designing your website, please contact us today. You can also book a FREE website audit worth $1,000.

Our Expertise

Our expertise covers all aspects of website design. This includes:

  • Project managers – our project managers have extensive business experience. This means they understand your needs as well the objectives you will have for your new website. They will also coordinate the build, ensuring it delivers on your expectations and gets completed on time.
  • Website developers – our website developers have experience with WordPress and other website development platforms in addition to skills in essential programming languages including HTML5, CSS, Java, and more.
  • Website designers – our website designers stay fully up-to-date with modern trends in website design and development. Our designers will ensure your website looks great today, but they will also ensure it has a future-proof design.
  • UX experts – UX stands for user experience. It is the process of ensuring your website is easy to use. Our UX experts focus on things like your website’s navigation, content flow, user flow, and more.
  • Conversion rate optimisation specialists – the aim of our conversion rate experts is to ensure your website gets as many sales or leads as possible. For e-commerce websites, this means optimising things like buy now buttons, your shopping cart, and your checkout process. For lead generation websites, our conversion rate specialists focus on ensuring there is a compelling offering with strong calls to action to encourage website visitors to give you their contact details before they leave.
  • SEO experts – our SEO team will make sure your website is fully optimised for Google. This includes making sure your website complies with Google’s requirements from a technical perspective as well as giving you SEO tools to use in the future.
  • Brand designers and graphic designers – we also have graphic designers on our team with specific experience creating new brands and logos.
  • Digital marketing experts – once your new website is finished, we can help you make it a success. Our digital marketing services will drive traffic to your website to boost conversions and generate new sales for your business. Our specialist digital marketing team delivers these services.

The expertise of our team ensures the website design process is smooth and efficient. It also ensures you get a website that delivers on your expectations and your objectives.

This is the focus of every member of our team from the very beginning of the development process. This means we don’t add elements to your website because we think they look cool or because we are excited about the tech. All that matters to us when we design and develop your website is your business and your objectives.

Find out more about the expertise of our website design team by contacting us today.

Website Design the Wrong Way

As experts in the website design industry, we see a lot of badly designed websites. This includes websites built with templates that look very similar to other websites on the internet.

We also see websites built using free website building tools. Businesses are often attracted to these tools because they are free to use and because you don’t need any technical expertise to design a website. However, these tools are very restrictive and rarely deliver on expectations.

Another major failing with many websites is the lack of focus on mobile optimisation. Huge numbers of people now access the internet either exclusively or primarily using their mobile phone. Therefore, your website should work just as well on a mobile device as it does on a computer. It should look fantastic regardless of the device too.

The other major failing we regularly see is websites that have no UX or conversion rate optimisation. In many cases, these are websites built from the perspective of a website developer.

The better approach, of course, is to build websites from the perspective of you and your customers. This is what we do at Marketing Hack.

Would you like to discover if your website suffers from any of the problems listed above? Do you want to find out other areas where improvements can be made? Book your FREE website audit with a member of our website development team today.

Website Design the Right Way

There are four main things we focus on to ensure your website is as optimised, effective, and attractive as possible:

Let’s look at each of these areas in more detail.

Business Analysis

The starting point for all our website design and development projects is an analysis of the client business. This means we’ll get a detailed understanding of your brand as well as your overall business. The latter includes your products, services, and customers.

This stage of the process also includes getting an understanding of your main competitors and what you like or don’t like about their websites. We’ll also ask you about other more general websites you like and why.

Finally, we will learn about the objectives you have for your website. This includes what you think worked on your existing website, if applicable, as well as what you think needs improvement.

Common objectives that our clients have include:

  • Getting more sales
  • Getting more leads
  • Expanding the business into new territories or with new products or services
  • Increasing the value of sales
  • Improving brand recognition
  • Re-branding
  • Presenting the right image of the company
  • Enhancing the profile of individuals
  • And more

Our team will deliver a more effective website for your business when we fully understand the objectives you want to achieve.

It is also important to point out that the business analysis stage of a website development project also makes the overall process more efficient. This is because our team will be on the same page as you from the very beginning. This will minimise the potential of them creating something that doesn’t fit with what you want or expect, reducing the need to re-work elements.

Remember as well that you can start the business analysis part of the website design process for FREE. This is because we are currently offering a free website audit to all new customers of Marketing Hack. This audit normally costs $1,000, but if you book today, you can get it for free.

Modern Design, Features, and Functions

This area of focus for our website design team centres on the look of your website as well as its features and functions. In all these areas, we follow the latest industry best practices including ensuring your website has efficiently developed code and built-in elements that ensure it loads fast, whatever device visitors use.

We also build in SEO elements to your website to give you a solid search engine optimisation foundation. Your website will be scalable too, and we ensure the backend interface is as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

In terms of the design, we avoid anything that is too cutting edge or funky. This is because these sorts of styles can quickly become dated.

Our approach instead focuses on modern design standards that include ensuring your website is clean and uncluttered. We also fully optimise media elements given their importance to modern websites. This includes all images and videos.

In addition, you will get a bespoke website design when you come to Marketing Hack. The importance of this cannot be understated as there are many website developers in Auckland who use templates to build websites.

Templates can speed up the design process, but they also mean other businesses can have websites that look very similar to yours. We have the necessary skills and experience, as well as tried and tested development processes, that ensure you get a fully bespoke design that has no impact on development time or costs.

User Experience (UX)

Throughout every stage of the website design process, your customers and visitors will be at the forefront of our minds. This is because the only way you will get a successful website is if your customers and visitors like using it.

This is all about UX, otherwise known as user experience. It involves ensuring the page structure of your website, known as the sitemap, is as simple as possible. For example, we avoid too many sub-levels of navigation it is easy for users to get lost as they click through the pages on your website.

Other UX features we focus on include:

  • Design and structure of menus on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Design of buttons and other link elements to ensure they are easy to use with a mouse and with fingers
  • Layout of the pages to ensure the content is easy to read
  • User flow which involves optimising how visitors move through your website to achieve your ultimate objective (completing a lead generation form, for example, or making a purchase)
  • The design of forms, shopping cart processes, and checkout processes to ensure you don’t lose visitors who start but then don’t complete sending you a form or making a purchase.

Our UX experts work very closely with our designers and developers to ensure every visitor to your website has an optimal experience.

Conversion Optimisation

Most business websites have a clear business purpose. In other words, most business websites don’t exist to give people information about what you do and who they are.
Instead, they have a purpose that can include:

  • Getting visitors to make a purchase
  • Getting visitors to complete a lead capture or enquiry form
  • Giving visitors to your website clear address and direction details for potential customers who will look up your website while on the way to your business
  • Getting visitors to book a table reservation at a restaurant, a room at a hotel, or a slot at an entertainment venue

In the above section, we talked about having a focus on your customers when developing your website. An extension to this is that we also focus on getting visitors to your website to complete your conversion goal.

This includes optimising things like:

  • Buy Now, Add to Cart, or Book Now buttons
  • Checkout and shopping cart processes
  • Enquiry forms
  • Lead capture forms and offers (examples include giving visitors a report, audit, white paper, or eBook for free)
  • The position and prominence of your telephone number on your website
  • The position of your address details as well as directions and an easy-to-use map
  • And more

By fully optimising these elements, your website will convert as many visitors as possible, improving ROI for the investment you make in the website.

In addition, our conversion rate optimisation process will also improve the ROI you get from other digital marketing strategies (i.e. SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns, etc).

Other Platforms We Have Experience

While most of the websites we build use WordPress, we also have experience building websites on other platforms. This means we can also build your website, even if you prefer not to use WordPress.

Some of the other website development platforms we have experience using include:




Open Cart






Get a Website that Works for Your Business

To get a website that will meet your expectations and deliver on your business objectives, you should contact us at Marketing Hack today. We have a proven track record in website design and development and can help you with every stage of the process.

This includes planning the project and identifying the features and functions your website should have. It also includes all elements of the development process, plus we can also help you with digital marketing strategies to get as many people to visit your new website as possible.

FREE Website Audit Worth $1,000

Book your FREE website audit today with a member of our expert team. This audit is normally $1,000 and covers everything from analysing your existing website’s structure, code, and content, to assessing SEO and your competition.